Sardinia, ItalySardinia

Situated off the western coast of Italy, Sardinia is a beautiful Mediterranean island with stunning beaches and panoramic views of the mountains and sea. Its southern tip faces Africa, while its north shore lies just a few miles from Corsica. Sardinia, despite becoming an exclusive, luxurious holiday destination in recent years, remains unspoilt by tourism. With its turquoise seas, granite rock formations and lush vegetation, the island is a jewel in the Mediterranean.

The culture of Sardinia is colourful and vibrant; historical sites depict the various invasions over the centuries and the mesh of different cultures can be seen today in the island’s archaeology and architecture. Roman remains exist at Cagliari, Nora and Tharros, while the conical towers of the Nuraghi are scattered around the countryside.

Sardinian food is vibrant and delicious. Its influences are Phoenician, Spanish, Italian and Carthaginian. The locally sourced rustic dishes such as wild boar and spit-roasted pig, are complemented with couscous, artichokes and aubergines. The warm Mediterranean sea ensures a wealth of exquisite seafood features on every menu, such as lobster and octopus, and the top quality hotels on the island combine locally sourced ingredients with an international level of gastronomy, created by top chefs.

The north east coast of Sardinia features the exclusive region of Costa Smeralda, which often attracts fashion, sports and film star celebrities with its luxury 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts. The streets of Porto Cervo, the capital of the area, are lined with designer boutiques and restaurants, offering the finest dining experiences. In the summer months, its harbour is filled with millionaires’ yachts. The Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) is also one of the most naturally beautiful areas of Sardinia, with the waters turning to hues of green beyond its sandy beaches. There are protected islands scattered offshore, which form part of the National Park, and many of these are uninhabited.

The south of Sardinia is home to its capital, Cagliari, and in this region there are endless miles of soft, white beaches, coves to explore and opportunities to dive among the exotic sea life.

Inland, visitors can explore the Sardinian history and uncover traditional villages and hamlets among the hills that are untouched by tourism.

Guests can opt to stay in a high quality Sardinian hotel with views over the Mediterranean and dine by candlelight on romantic terraces. The more independent travellers might prefer to rent a private villa with a fresh water pool warmed by the Sardinian sun, and discover secret beaches and coves a mere stone’s throw away. Yachts are available for hire, as well as boat tours, and the island of La Maddalena and its neighbours are well worth exploring for their haunting granite cliffs, lush vegetation and exquisite, occasionally pink sandy beaches.

Sardinia is an island of outstanding natural beauty that exists in harmony with its tastefully designed, luxury resorts.  It is this, as well as the country’s enviable location in the central Mediterranean, that makes Sardinia a most sought after holiday destination.